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How to install my email signature?
How to install the signature to email software?
How to install the signature to email software?

Use your signature when sending email campaigns with

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There are several ways how you can use NEWOLDSTAMP signature within email software.

Way 1. You can insert HTML code directly to the specific email.
Choose a campaign > choose a step (an email that is the part of the campaign) > insert the HTML code on the bottom of the email > Save.

How it looks like when your client receives an email from you:

Way 2. You can create a template and make it as a base for your campaign.
Create new Campaign > start creating an email > insert HTML code > Save as a template.

When you continue creating your campaign, you can just apply the template and your signature already will be there.

In this case you can apply various signatures, especially if you want to make a promotional campaign or an A/B testing.

Now your email campaigns can become even more professional with and NEWOLDSTAMP together!

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