Sounds interesting? It definitely is!

If you need a bunch of similar signatures for your staff or just more than a few for you, the CSV Upload option will save your time significantly. 

Please follow this short guide:

1. Create a Master Signature. The style you set will influence all the other signatures. You can change it at any time.

2. Click on Import button below the master.

3. Download the spreadsheet template

3. Insert all the information you want to have in the signatures.

4. Upload this file to the platform.

And have all your signatures ready!

Important Notes: 

  • When you insert the address, do not put any commas there to avoid confusing fields. You can add them later in the editor or replace commas with "," that is an HTML substitute for commas. (e.x. Volodymyr, Owner which in the signature will look like Volodymyr, Owner)

  • Do not use any characters other than UTF-8.

  • Please, do not delete any columns that you do not use. Just fill the form and leave the file as it is.

  • It is better to avoid filling in the information that is similar for everyone (e.x. Company Name). You can have it added to the Master, which will be inherited by regular signatures after uploading the CSV file.

Let us know if any questions come up.
Take care of your signatures!

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