I love having various options to design my signature, and emoji is exactly what makes it much more interesting!
Let's see how to do it.

Each emoji has its own unique code, e.g. U+1F44D. Here is the full list of them. You can insert an emoji to the signature by using its code. So, you need to:

  1. Choose your emoji from the list below or from the website.

  2. Copy its code. If you copy it from the website, you need only the last 5 characters, without U+.

  3. And paste to the left-side field as you see on the screenshot.
    Note: it should start from &#x (that's how your browser understands it is an emoji, some tech stuff).

  4. And it's done!

Here is the list of the most popular emoji:




















Now your signature looks more attractive than earlier for sure.
Use it as your new marketing channel and enjoy!

FYI: If Gmail is your email client, use copy&proceed option to install the signature with emoji.

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