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How to install my email signature?
How to install the email signature to QQMail (qq邮箱)?
How to install the email signature to QQMail (qq邮箱)?

Install, save, and use the signature in QQMail

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Note: Make sure you are using either Google Chrome or Firefox during the installation process.

For your information, our email signature system currently does not
support QQMail. You may have to use other mails, such as Google mail,
163mail (网易邮箱) etc. to sign up for and create
email signature. Later paste it to QQMail.

Step 1.

After you finish creating your email signature, click “Save and Install” button under the signature preview:

Or if you have saved your signature priorly, hover over your signature on the dashboard and click “Use” button. Choose the way you want to install the signature on the pop-up window(followinginstructions are if you choose “Use by Myself”:

Step 2.

Select the Gmail icon in the list of email clients.

Step 3.

Under the Signature preview click the Copy signature button, which will save the signature code in the clipboard.

Step 4.

Go to the upper left corner, click the arrow pointing down and choose Settings.

Scroll down the page, and click the button Add Personal Signature

Step 5.

Paste the signature in the signature block and Save changes.

Step 6.

Don’t forget to select Save Changes as well.

Step 7.

Compose a new email and watch the magic happen.

Now you can use your email signature in every email in QQ Mail.
If you would like us to have a Chinese version contact us.

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