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How to install my email signature?
How to install the email signature to HubSpot?
How to install the email signature to HubSpot?

Learn how to start using the signature in HubSpot. Create, install and use the HTML signature in HubSpot Marketing, CRM platform.

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Note: Make sure you are using either Google Chrome or Firefox during the installation process.

Create your email signature on and follow these simple steps to install it in HubSpot.

Step 1.

After you finish creating your email signature, click Save and Install button under the signature preview:

Or if you have saved your signature priorly, hover over your signature on the dashboard and click Use button.

Step 2.

Select HTML tab on the signature preview page.

Step 3.

Click Copy code to copy your signature code to сlipboard.

Step 4.

Open HubSpot and go to Profile & Preferences:

Step 5.

Scroll down to CRM Communication section and click Edit Signature:

Step 6.

Select the HTML tab and Paste the signature into the placeholder:

Step 7.
Save the changes and check your new signature by sending a test email.

Congratulations! Now you will see your new signature in every email you send with HubSpot.

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